Project Description

Pre-Engineered Package Plants

Prentec has developed pre-engineered modular unit processes for various water treatment applications. These plants can be fitted into shipping containers or skid mounted and are custom designed with all mechanical, process, electrical and control components integrated for full functionality.

There is dedicated EC&I section where MCC and control equipment are housed. Dedicated service zones carries all pipe headers, wire ways and ducts to achieve a fully integrated process.

Modules can be added and removed without affecting the overall installation. More than 85% of a typical plant installation can be recovered and relocated as a whole or split into smaller units.

Some of the modules we have developed include:

1. AquaStation UF/RO

The Prentec AquaStation is a robust, efficient and cost-effectivet process to treat ground water, sea water and industrial effluents. Containerized or skid mounted units are configured to meet the treatment requirements of the user. A typical unit comprises of the following unit processes:

  • Pretreatment – Greensand and Carbon filters to oxidize metals and remove organics
  • Ultrafiltration – Remove particulate matter and pathogens
  • Reverse Osmosis – Desalinate unwanted salts
  • Chemical Dosing and CIP
  • Stabilisation and Chlorination –meet potable water standard

The treatment process can be configured to meet the desired final product water quality of the end-user i.e. process water, potable water or environmental discharge.

2. Modular Rapid Gravity or Deep Bed Up Flow Filters

These are economical and can be quickly delivered and erected. Configurations up to 100Ml/d are possible. For larger installations a central service skid is supplied while smaller units have pumps, blowers and control systems incorporated into an integral plant / control room.

3. Modular Sewage Treatment with MBR, and BNR

These units can be configured to handle up to 500m3/d. They are economical, quick to deliver and can be relocated relatively easily. By incorporating anaerobic and anoxic zones full N and P removal is possible with minimal chemical use. Integral MBR options produce very high grade product for reuse.


Process Capabilities