Project Description

Ancillary Equipment

Prentec offers custom constructed and designed ancillary equipment to 3rd Party Vendors and Contractors who require the highest quality.

These include:

Tanks and reservoirs – constructed in steel or reinforced concrete
Silo’s – steel glass coated and other protective coatings
Nozzles – in plastic or steel for filtration plants, ion exchange plants and other processes
Strainers – in plastic or steel for vessel internals
Inline traps – for piping installations e.g. resin traps
Hydraulic distributors – for vessel internals including solid inert type
Eductors  – for transfer of solids and media
Coal Breakers  – Coal processing plants
Vibrating Screens  – mineral processing and beneficiation
Thickeners  – solids density separation
Belt Filters  – material dewatering


While Prentec are acknowledged experts in all areas of filtration, it is with the DUP (Deep-bed Upflow Prentec) filtration method where we clearly demonstrate our leadership in this field. With hundreds of installations worldwide, DUP has unequivocally demonstrated its superiority when measured against the more conventional down flow sand gravity or pressure filter technologies.

Advantages of the DUP technology include:

•    Larger dirt holding capacity
•    Higher service velocity
•    Filter cleaned with feed water
•    Simpler to operate
•    Lower headloss experienced
•    No binding or mud balling of media
•    Ideal for in-line flocculation or contact filtration

Prentec is able to offer “Turnkey” installations using DUP and other filtration technologies with guaranteed performance assurances.

Ion Exchange Technology

Prentec is South Africa’s leaders in the design, development, manufacture and erection of ion exchange process plants particularly in the treatment of industrial process streams.

Pre-Cast Concrete Products

Prentec is able to offer a wide range of durable quality reinforced yet economically priced concrete products including:

  • Aerated or Stirred Reactors
  • Open or Covered Reservoirs
  • Buried Sumps

These structures can be manufactured 2 or 4m deep with diameters up to 21m.

The tanks are constructed by assembling and linking together Prentec proprietary reinforced precast concrete panels such that a hoop stress on ring tension is created. The concrete panel tanks have a guaranteed life expectancy of 20 years with little to no maintenance and from our experience the life of panel tanks have exceed 20 years in all SBR applications

Due to our sock of panels, standard designs and ease of erection, quality installations can be very quickly implemented.


Process Capabilities